Commercial Services
Why have customers been coming to us for 26 years? Because they can count on us. We work hard for our customers, building a reputation of integrity and quality since 1982. Times and technology have changed, but our focus on honest service hasn't. That's why repeat customers make up a substantial part of our business. As word of Tri-Valley Electrical Service's quality and dependability spread, the scope of our operations has widened. The confidence that the job will be done right brings our customers back. We deliver quality work, on time and on budget.

Another reason we've been in business so long is forward-thinking. Experience doesn't mean we're attached to old ideas. We're in touch. Whether it's the latest in installation procedures or safety measures, we keep an eye on what's next in our field.

Infrared Inspections
Locate high resistance connections and other potential problems before they cause serious damage or fire with an infrared inspection of your electrical equipment. You could save thousands of dollars in repairs and downtime by hiring Tri-Valley Electrical Service, one of the few certified thermal infrared inspectors in our region.

How Can We Help You?
Our clients have at their disposal the full range of top-quality services for successful projects, ranging from the system design stages through all phases of construction, including the final inspection. Upgrades and expansions, trouble shooting, testing and repair are just a few of our specialties.